CO2  System  Testing



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                                                  The companies on fire and now it's time to activate your
                                          CO2 system. Are you absolutely positive it will work ???  
                                          Testing a system is a very involved and exacting science
                                          1st - the only proof a system will initially work and have
                                          the proper concentration is a documented and monitored
                                          full discharge to confirm the proper concentration
                                          to extinguish a fire and maintain this concentration.
                                          However what you are not told is a test can be slewed to
                                           produce positive results from a marginal system.
                                          Unless one is totally knowledgeable in CO2 design
                                          and testing you will never know if this was done or not.
                                          A marginal system  may not even work the first time let
                                          let alone function properly as it ages. And yes, system        
                                          performance will absolutely degrade as the system ages.
                                         The amount of degradation will depend on the initial
                                         design, installation, atmosphere, & equipment reliability.
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         IS TOTALLY 
                                        We inspect the CO2 systems for  design and installation
                                         problems and errors. Then perform our copyrighted
                                        Valve Pressure Recession Test on each system valve to
                                         provide you a viable and true reference to the reliability
                                        and function of  your systems and equipment.
                                         We also do full operational checks on all CO2 equipment
                                         including close visual inspection of all components for
                                         any signs of damage, deterioration, environmental, and
                                         the all too common installation effects and errors.
                                          Full discharge tests are done with the appropriate
                                          amount of CO2 digital meters strategically located to
                                          assure you of full proof of your CO2  fire system
                                          concentrations and capabilities for the
                                          worst case situation scenario, not just for ideal times
                                         There are a number of things we can recommend for all  
                                          systems to be preformed annually to help ward off system
                                          aging , degradation and the resultant dangers of system
                                          failure and marginal action that can serious cost you.
                                           DON'T RELY ON QUICKIE
                  FAULTY INSPECTIONS
                  YOU MAY FIND YOU ARE
                   NOW LIABLE FOR ANY
                   RESULTING FIRE DAMAGE
                                          THEY DON'T SAVE MONEY - THEY COST MONEY
                                                              THEY CAN COST LIVES
                                     DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GAMBLE  WITH YOUR LIABILITY  ?
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