positively protects your valuable meters

     -----  enhances your professional image -----

                                                 28" x 22" x 18"

    this is a - weather proof - air tight - foam filled fiberglass unit

     with 4 fixed handles - plus -a out handle and built in wheels

ordering the case option -  comes with the extra cases for the cables

and charging transformers free ---- BUT does not include a monitor

   $ 450.00                click for large size picture  


                    we normally configure it to hold


                 3 of the 0-100 CO2 meters

          1  Remote Monitor   ( matching style in black )

            1 case holding the charging transformers

   and 3 lengths of 50' cable for the monitors ( Matching style in grey)

          1  case for software, computer cables, manuals


        We can also configure it to hold 4 of the 0-100 xjs meters

     1 remote monitor - either a 3 meter or 4 meter unit model

               1 case for software, manuals and more             


         call for more information 800-421-9754

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