Our remote monitoring units ( see pics at right )
are for reference only where you want to monitor in
in real time what the 0-100% meters are data logging            
       At distances up to 50 feet from the XJS unit  
This is most useful in visually monitoring
-in real time- the level of CO2 at each height
or position a 0-100 % XJS meter has been placed.
This is also very important to the - real time - monitoring
of leakage over specified times as in turbines or other
 places where CO2 concentration levels must be maintained
 over extended time limits                                                         
With these units you can stop the test if the leakage is seen
to be excessive and check for area / cabinet leakage 
It also works with the settable limits on the 0-100% XJS
meter to activate a light on the unit  -  up to four 0-100%
XJS meters can be  plugged into our 4 Meter Monitor and
each monitored separately - the lights activate for each
meter as it reaches your preset limits
Note - the four meter unit was developed for those who
like to monitor high and low in BOTH sections of turbines
where 4 of the 0-100% CO2 Meters would be used
Or..... for large area discharge concentration testing
The light will come on when concentration is reached and will
drop out again when it  drops 2 %  -
While the each 0-100% XJS meter continues to data log for your complete documentation for your computer downloading and charting.
Note - the single and 3 unit monitors use One light per channel
to indicate the set point has been reached, where as the 4 unit
monitor uses ..... 2 alternating flashing lights.......per channel
       All color coded to match each 0-100% CO2 Meter
Supplied with 50 foot color coded cables to match each
0-100%  XLS Meter being monitored so you can follow each
meter accurately as the to concentration levels of CO2 where
each meter is placed
There is also a Single Unit Monitor for those who may choose to only use a single monitor when doing a discharge test inside a cabinet, or a perhaps a "spot discharge" -
NOTE - only OUR XJS Meters work fast enough to measure
and be able to monitor and CERTIFY the concentrations in
" Local Applications" as well as in all other applications
                4 Meter Remote Monitor $ 600.00    
  3 Meter Remote Monitor $ 450.00
                 1 Meter Remote Monitor $ 200.00
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