data logger

The XJS 0-100 % CO2 Meter uses a removable data loggers that are

1.  Easily installed and removed

2.  Plugs into any computer to down load, chart and graph data

    A. Can be set to turn on at any given time

3.  OR....Can be turned on and off manually -  by pushing a button

4.  Type 1 Stores  8000 data points = 2.2 hours at one second intervals

     Type 2 stores 32000 data points = 8.8 hours at one second intervals

5.  Data time interval can be set from   1 second   to    60 minutes 

6.  We have connected type1 to use Both Channels for data safety


       NOTE:  We supply the VR-71 Data Logger with all 0-100% XJS Meters

                   but we have also added a USB port for use with a Lascar unit

                      See more on the Lascar unit under the pictures below 


      NOTE:  WE now supply BOTH loggers with the meter to give you a

                   choice of how to handle data and charting depending on test



     All of the pictures are thumbnails, click on any pictures to see full size                                                   

   To insert logger lift retaining arm           insert logger            place flat        slide to left on pins    lock in place


For use with the Lascar unit a USB port is available




The Lascar unit is different and we mention it for those who might like to

use it - it does have some benefits, but also some drawbacks, over the VR-71

the Lascar has 32000 data points also settable over a range 

from 1 second up.  And it does plug right into any data port, for downloading

and charting of data.

However you can only program it on & off when plugged into a computer.

Now, that said, even at 1 second data spacing, that means it will record for

8.8 hours real time. ..........So even if a test is delayed it is not a problem.

In the interest of options at a reasonable cost we now supply both loggers

with the meters as standard. Our meters will work perfectly with either one.                                                                 

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