The Ensured Unit

The final solution to making sure a positive   
concentration of CO2 is maintained at the
hazard, and documenting the concentration
Now, with this unit ADDED TO your current
system you may save your company from the
danger of being put out of business by fire.
The Ensured unit can keep faulty gaseous fire
systems from failure in many cases where the
concentration has not been made, or kept.
In those few instances where there is no way
to save the hazard, or company, it documents
the failure. Thus proving full accountability
and liability for that failure.
This PATENTED instrument is made for CO2 Central under
exclusive license by the  Enmet company, a leader in instrumentation                                                         
Contact us for a POWER POINT Presentation or Movie presentation
showing how it works and how it can save millions in damages,
down time and insurance claims, and maybe........ a life
We are presenting seminars to various insurance groups, agencies, risk consultants, layered groups, the US government, NRC, and various others
showing what we call the "insanity" of the past years of no accountability
Costing not only the wrong people millions of dollars they should not have
had to pay out, but leaving them clueless for the next time it happens .
We also cover
Inspections -  How most all physical inspections have been very incomplete
                   -  How and why the old 3 hose meters should never be used
                   -  Reliability of valve tests
                   -  Puff testing - TOTALLY  WORTHLESS
                   -  And much much more
                     CONTACT US FOR DETAILS FOR YOUR COMPANY                      
CO2 Central    800-421-9754
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